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Keyword research

In my experience these are the steps:

1. Enable Google analytics on you site so you can tell what keywords
bring you traffic today
2. Research your competitor web sites that rank high. Read top 10
competitor web site and look at their HTML. (keywords field). It
would tell you what they are targeting
3. Use google keyword tool
4. Use wordtracker tool. However I did not find much of the keywords
that are did not find already by this point
5. I understand you are looking for PPC, then you also need to
research negative keywords. Easiest way is to look at google keyword
tool and see which keywords of those you don't need. Put them into
negative. But do it smart way. For example your service is auto
collision repair. So when you type in google "IPhone repair" put
iphone into negative
6. Start your adwords compaign. Monintor keyword performance report.
Create campaign as a combination of broad and negative keywords.
Learn from what you will see overtime.
7. Look at google suggests when you type keywords.
8. Look at Theseus for both keywords and negative keywords