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SEO Optimization

We find that most SEO experts make a critical mistake. They fail to properly analyze your
website and compare it to your main competitors. Popular search engine keywords usage is
the foundation for every popular website. No matter what you promote or sell, your entire
website must utilize the best keywords which will bring visitors to you. Fail to accomplish
this and your website is doomed in lieu of the millions of competing websites for the same

Over 95% of all websites are poorly onsite search engine optimized which is why your website
can pass them up by simply following the recommendations from my complete SEO Analysis.
Before you can begin to add links to your website, it must be better optimized than your

Look at me as an architect hired to provide you with the blueprints for a solid foundation.
Your website will be better optimized than all of your competitors. Search engines will
love your website!

We will conduct a 30 point analysis (plus tables) of your home page in comparison with the
Google Top 10 search engine results competitors from your main keywords.

Here's what is included::

This is more thorough than Google's Analytical Tools which most SEO experts use.In addition, We will use other SEO software also
which will give your website an overall Search Engine Grade, the last date Google's spider crawled through your website, how your
website rates with Social Network sites, and your Alexa Traffic Ranking which is important to know.

Furthermore, we will conduct a Google Keyword Popularity Analysis of you meta tag keywords to find more popular, relevant keywords
than what you are using.To Summarize, we will perform 2 different SEO Analysis plus a
Keywords Analysis.

Follow the recommendations from this analysis and your website will be better onsite optimized
than all of your competitors. Since 95% of all websites are not properly optimized, your
competitors' websites are probably not well optimized.

With a superior SEO onsite foundation than your competitors, you will eventually pass them up
in the search engine rankings.